For the past 20 years, Dr. Barbara Schwarck’s mission has been to assist people to get unstuck and to change. To date, Dr. Schwarck, (CEO of Clear Intentions International) an award-winning, dual-certified coach with extensive academic training in Psychology, Management, Spirituality, and Kinesiology, has successfully coached more than 1000 CEOs, professionals, family businesses owners, and thought-leaders who want to be an effective leader, strong performer, clear communicator and/or difference-maker. In her private coaching practice, clients work with her on anxiety/depression, self-esteem, relationships, and/or personal growth.

Dr. Schwarck is also the creator of Neuro Emotional Coaching® a cutting edge coaching tool rooted in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and its implication for leadership. And she is the author of From Intuition to EntrepreneurshipA Women’s Guide to Following Her Dream. If you are ready for a breakthrough, go to