From Intuition to Entrepreneurship: A Woman’s Guide to Following Her Dream

By Dr. Barbara Schwarck and William Weil

Blending Eastern and Western traditions, this step-by-step workbook supports women in starting their own business. Within ten days, readers will find themselves well down the path to discovering, then manifesting, their entrepreneurial dreams. Available for sale on Amazon.

From the Forward

“If you are a woman who has goals to be an entrepreneur and to take this life walk on the path to success, this may well be your breakthrough book. Unfolding on these pages is a 10-day guide to uncovering an awareness of what you really want and what types of self-imposed roadblocks you have allowed to derail your journey. This book will change patterns.”

Suzanne Caplan, author of Streetwise Finance and Accounting

Praise for From Intuition to Entrepreneurship

Accelerate Your Business Goals with My Companion Workbook


If you’re seeking guided self-discovery as you cultivate your entrepreneurial dreams, you need more than inspiration – you need a clear action plan. My step-by-step workbook is the perfect companion to my book, From Inspiration to Entrepreneurship.

This interactive workbook takes proven concepts from my book and transforms motivation into momentum with focused exercises.

With dedicated space for journaling, this workbook transforms you from dreamer to doer. The interactive format solidifies concepts, unlocks clarity, and accelerates your path to purposeful entrepreneurship.

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