So what exactly is Muscle Testing?

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” that turned out to be right? Or felt intuitively that something was good or bad for you? Muscle Testing taps into the wisdom of the body in a similar way. Even if your brain is unaware of your core truth, your body knows deep down. During a Muscle Testing session, your body gives subtle feedback to reveal these hidden truths.

Muscle Testing has been used for decades by chiropractors, nutritionists, allergists, aromatherapists, and more to uncover what’s going on below the surface. It has been an integral part of my Neuro Emotional Coaching® practice as we can zero in on what is blocking you at lightening speed and move towards your goals with complete alignment. 

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For further resources on Muscle Testing and Neuro Emotional Coaching®, check out my YouTube Channel.
What is Muscle Testing?

In this video, I go over the origins of Muscle Testing, and how it works. Muscle Testing is a powerful technique that taps into the body’s innate wisdom to reveal our deeper truths. 

How to Muscle Test Another Person

How do you Muscle Test another person? Whether you are Muscle Testing another person as a coach, acupuncturist, dietitian, or aromatherapist the insights you can get when muscle testing properly are fascinating. Learn how to muscle test another person in this video. 

How to Muscle Test Yourself

Traditionally, when we think about Muscle Testing, we generally think about doing a Muscle Test on a willing participant, but did you know that you can also Muscle Test yourself? In this video, I go through the basics about how to muscle test yourself and how to establish a baseline.

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