Imagine what your life could look like if you lead with clear intentions rooted in positive beliefs.

I believe that change is possible at any stage of your life – even when you are feeling totally stuck with nowhere to turn. As your partner and life coach, I will help you understand not only what you are experiencing and the why, but also coach you to create new positive beliefs that are embraced and supported by all parts of you. Together using Neuro Emotional Coaching® we will remove any internal obstacles and blind spots you are experiencing – no matter how hidden – that are getting in the way of your goals, dreams and of course you taking action.

Invest in yourself today as your first step towards making a huge shift in your life. It has a ripple effect and will IMMEDIATELY impact many areas of your life and those around you. YOU DESERVE IT!

All of my initial coaching packages span over a three-month period (12 sessions). To ensure maximum growth and breakthroughs we need consistency and continuous movement. Imagine a runner practicing for a marathon only once. Impossible. Plus it will leave him or her sore and frustrated. And, just like in sport coaching, ongoing support is vital to your success with mastery application. In addition to the weekly scheduled sessions you will receive:

    • Just in Time Coaching: you can call, email or text when needed
    • Access to the client area on my website for additional worksheets, exercises and blogs
    • Be part of the Clear Intentions International community and be the first to know about special events and programs.

Life Coaching Packages

3-month package

If you are feeling stalled on a specific problem area and you’re seeking targeted coaching for “getting unstuck”, my 3 month package provides the rewiring you are looking for as well as  solution-focused sessions and ongoing support.

The package includes: 

  • Initial strategy session
  • 12 weeks of weekly coaching calls
  • Ongoing email + text access between sessions
  • Proprietary online self-discovery tools
  • Review session to measure progress

1-Year package

If you feel misaligned in life or business and are seeking an inner paradigm shift for holistic growth, my 12 month transformational coaching facilitates deep empowerment and behavior change. This immersive experience includes:

  • Initial alignment session 
  • 48 weekly coaching calls 
  • Ongoing email + text access for real-time support
  • Customized exercises utilizing proprietary self-discovery tools
  • Quarterly review sessions to calibrate your trajectory


For previous clients only. Whenever we don’t work on ourselves, we can regress. When we don’t set goals and move forward we have a tendency to go back to our comfort zone. When you sign up for a maintenance package you assure yourself continuous growth and support through the structure to move your life forward.

Don’t let your past define your future. Break free and live BOLDLY in your life and business with my free workbook. ➡️