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I'm delighted that you are here...

Because I know your presence here means you are ready to make BIG CHANGES in your life and business. I’m so excited for you! Change can feel daunting, especially when you’ve tried various methods like tapping, NLP, or battled with issues like low self-esteem and anxiety, only to find yourself still feeling stuck. It’s a frustrating cycle, isn’t it? Maybe you aren’t even sure what you want to change or how to begin, but you know one thing for certain: you’re not satisfied. If you’re eager for rapid, permanent change, you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Hi, I'm Dr. Barbara

I am the founder and CEO of Clear Intentions International, creator of Neuro Emotional Coaching®, and have been coaching for over two decades. I know it feels like everyone is a coach these days, but if you are looking to get to the root of what is holding you back and are ready to take the steps to remove it TODAY – Neuro Emotional Coaching® (NEC) is the process for you.
Dr. Barbara

How is Neuro Emotional Coaching® different from anything you have done before?

Sound too good to be true? This process has worked THOUSANDS of times and I am 100% certain it will change your life as well.

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