Frequently, and it’s usually when I’m driving in the car, I thinking about all the little and not-so-little tasks that need completion. For example, fixing the blinds in my bedroom, attaching the bar in the closet or sending my brother a congratulation packet. However quickly or slowly I complete tasks there always seem to be more to put on my list. And, since my projects are usually in various stages of completion, I have accepted that they are a natural part of my process of living life.

So what’s the problem with incompletions? Actually nothing. Incompletions are only a problem if they tie up your energy and drag you down–often without you even realizing what a great force they represent. Incompletions can be a problem if we allow ourselves to feel inefficient, bad, lazy or overwhelmed. Most of us have several lists of incompletions in all areas of our lives, i.e., house, career, education and family. Remember, incompletions are not always physical tasks. Some of us have incomplete communications or incomplete issues – emotional stuff that, if let go or brought to completion, would free up energy and create joy.

What to do? There are several effective ways to deal with incompletions. First, make a list of them. When you list them you may either list them by urgency, time frame or category. Incompletions can be completed in three ways: do them, delegate them or declare them complete. I know this sounds too easy, but it can be. Second, take out your list and decide which ones you are going to do, delegate or declare complete.

Hint: Be honest and complete only the goals you are going to work on in the next 90 days.

Tip: If a goal or project takes you only five minutes to complete it do it right away. You will spend more time thinking about it than it will ever take you to do the actual task. Just do it.

Tip: Very important!! Pick one thing on your list. (Start small)

If you choose to do it, do it 110% until it’s finished and…
Do not think about what isn’t being done, should be done, could be done.
Immediately stop yourself if you find yourself doing this.


Barbara Schwarck

Clear Intentions

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