Live. Powerfully. Really.
Are you living the life you want, the one you dreamt of? Have you achieved health, wealth, happiness, contentment, inner peace, confidence, and peace of mind? We all experience obstacles stopping us from reaching those goals. Many of us cannot overcome those obstacles alone. Life coaching is about identifying those obstacles and defining clear actions to break through and attain your goals.

In what areas of life do you encounter barriers that prevent you from having the life that you want, the life that you dream about? The truth is that you can have exactly the life you want, a life that you design. Are there barriers? Absolutely. But they can be either circumvented or broken through. This is where life coaching comes into play.

Life coaching is about getting clear on the vision that you are creating for your life, about locating the obstacles and about defining clear actions to ultimately achieve your goals.

At Clear Intentions, we employ a technique called Neuro Emotional Coaching (NEC®) which introduces neuroscience. There is “wiring” in the brain that may be an obstacle. By using neuroscience, we can identify this “wiring” and, in effect, “re-wire” so that your barriers become more like ant hills.

“Identifying goals, making plans to achieve them and addressing my important life issues that had lingered unresolved for years were among the top areas I worked on with Barbara. She is an active listener and pushed me to reach farther than I thought possible.”
– Laura Fennimore, BN, MSN, Director Organizational Development, Nursing Education & Research, UPMC Presbyterian

“Barbara has a rare gift for helping people articulate the best side of themselves to the world. Supported by her contagious confidence, warmth, groundedness, optimism, and no-nonsense attitude, I’ve shed limiting patterns and beliefs, and harnessed the power within me to define and embody the exact kind of life I want to be living, both personally and professionally.”
– Abby Bolton, Communications Specialist and Consultant, TiER1 Performance Solutions

Want to see how Neuro Emotional Coaching can get you living the life of your dreams, more quickly than you might imagine?