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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Competitions are a great motivational tool for increasing performance. Findings of Coren Apicella and Johanna Mollerstrom, Professors who have studied competition among women and its effects on success and productivity. Women in the workplace are often reluctant to compete with other women, keeping them from success and perpetuating gender inequalities in the workplace. I can…

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Getting Unstuck - Dr Barbara Schwarck blog

Getting Unstuck – The Process of Rewiring

So, you are feeling stuck? What’s the big deal? Well, it all depends on what it has been costing you. I am talking about things like health, wealth, happiness, contentment, inner peace, confidence, peace of mind. You get it. The process of feeling stuck is a normal part of human evolution. What isn’t so normal…

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Shake Things Up! Make a Splash! Disrupt!

If, like me, you’ve been trained to think of disruption in negative terms, it’s time for a change. Used correctly, disruption can be the most thoughtful and creative way to shake things up and make people take notice. Disruption means doing the unexpected. The basic theory of disruption has been around since 1995, and historically…

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Overcoming Obsessive Thinking and Move On

I was working with a business leader the other day, talking about his perception that he would have greater success if he lost weight and felt better, less self-conscious, of himself in front of other people. He explained that while he wants to lose weight, and often obsesses about what he believes is a need…

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5 Tips to Increase Your Confidence

I recently had a life coaching client come to me and ask for help in building her self-confidence (we’ll call her Sarah). Sarah has been a lawyer for 25 years and is very successful. Sarah shared with me the fact that throughout her successful career, she has harbored serious self-doubts and a sometimes excruciating lack…

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