In my 20+ year coaching career, I have had hundreds, maybe even thousands, of coaching clients. Some I have adopted as my family for life. With some, I have become life-long friends. Others stayed strictly in the professional realm. Some clients come to me because they are in some degree of emotional pain. Others have great inner personal skill but they lack vision and direction. Some have professional, and others personal, issues. However, regardless of the nature or scope of our work together, there is one binding thread: I am confident that each and every one leaves the coaching experience with greater emotional intelligence and a path toward success.

That said, there is at least one other critical and very positive constant with every single client. No matter where they fall on the spectrum of friendship, leadership or success: each and every person I have met has an inner beauty – something that distinguishes them from others, something that they can bring to the table and from which they can derive a deep sense of contentment and inner peace.

I call that something the “Inner Light.” But, what exactly does this mean? The inner light is that undefinable quality that each one of us must find and rely on so that we can become our best selves and live the most fruitful and enriching life possible. It’s a force that lights each person from the inside out and that, when shared with others, brings joy, love, and a sense of well-being to those around them.

Every human being is born with an inner light. It is present with us at birth and stays with us throughout our lifetime. The inner light is most present with young children as they innocently allow themselves to be open, loving and vulnerable. As adults we have usually done a good job of burying or at least hiding it.

Many of my coaching clients come to me because they have either lost their inner light, forgotten about it or have a hard time showing it. But they come to me because they are ready to express and share their desire to live a different kind of life; a life that is perhaps led by this light.

There are several ways to rediscover, strengthen or brighten your inner light. The fastest most effective way is called Neuro Emotional Coaching® or NEC®. NEC® assists people in discovering and removing any physical, emotional or mental blocks. It combines neuroscience, kinesiology, psychology, and spiritual principles to assist with a major “brain rewrite.” In other words, it creates profound and lasting change inside. It is the most amazing technique and it never disappoints. I am still as excited about the results today as I was 20 years ago when I first learned about it. NEC® provides a path toward real change, both inside and out. With it, new-found success, love, and self-awareness grow. NEC® is a very positive commitment.

But for those of you who are not quite ready for a positive, yet life-altering change, here are a few ideas to get you started on the path to reaching, enhancing and sharing your inner light:

  1. Ask yourself, “What has motivated me in the past?” If something worked for you once, it’s likely because it touched something deep inside of you. Here’s a tough, real-life example that is universal – making a change in your job, your relationships, where you live or even the place that you’ve had your hair done for 20 years. For many of us, change is hard. But, surely you’ve initiated and successfully made significant change at some time in your past. Go to that place and figure out why you were able to make the difficult change. That motivational point is a great place to start looking for your inner light.
  2. 2Consider what unique talents you know that you possess. This can be an obvious artistic talent but, for most of us, it’s the type of talent that is more subtle and more internal. For example, I would say that one of my unique talents is quickly assessing a situation. Another is counseling people to help them find their strengths. What is yours?
  3. Ask, “What do I think is standing in my way?” You probably know that you have a lot to offer and to share, but maybe you are afraid of what will happen if you expose yourself. Or, maybe you are uncomfortable with the strength you are given when you do have the ability to influence others. If you have any misgivings about sharing your known talents, then those misgivings are a sign that you are not completely approving of yourself. Give up on those restrictions, let your light shine through.
  4. After self-acceptance comes self-love. Once you embrace that you have talents, love yourself for those talents.
  5. 5. Find a way to share those talents with others. When you do good, you will feel good. Others will see your inner light and the sharing, acceptance and self-love will become a cyclical and sustaining process.

In my humble opinion, the best way to finding your inner light and passion is through specialized Neuro Emotional Coaching®. Using NEC, I will work with you one-on-one to open your center and to help you become the very best person you can be.

Don’t let your past define your future. Break free and live BOLDLY in your life and business with my free workbook. ➡️