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The Law of Attraction is an idea that is widespread in New Age and New Thought philosophy. It posits to never dwell on the negative, as the metaphysical principle of life is embodied in a “law of attraction”: you get what you think about, your thoughts determine your destiny. Louise Hay, the Queen of Affirmations, believes that “our thinking creates our reality”. Alchemy meets Jung here, in that if one’s consciousness is in tune with the “whole”, all of creation becomes a resource from which we can manifest whatever we want, and the fruits of our “magical thinking” will enter our personal lives in the form of synchronicity.

Although many books have been written on the subject by authors ranging from, Jerry and Esther Hicks, to Norman Vincent Peale, nothing has gotten people as excited about it as a film called “The Secret”, first broadcast over the internet in 2007. “The Secret” describes the law of attraction as the most powerful law of the universe. If you have never seen it, I highly recommend viewing this film. From it, there has begun a real shift in awareness as people are realizing how much they are responsible for their own experiences and creations. So, if we humans have been creating negatively, surely we can create positively. Not much about this topic is really new, but perhaps now more than ever, we are willing to listen.

What I have discovered in my coaching practice is that, when the Law of Attraction (LOA) meets business planning and emotional alignment, the sky is the limit.. Over the past decade since using “The Secret“ to introduce my clients to the LOA, I have developed a successful recipe for successful manifestation. In fact, this led to my trademarking my Neuro Emotional Coaching® approach and my vision of training others to do it.

The LOA is fun to learn and use because it allows you to create, promote and allow everything and anything in your life. You can deliberately use this law to create your future! Most people who work with this law will tell you that the LOA is working in your life right now, whether you are aware of it or not. You are attracting people, situations, jobs and much more into your life. Once you are aware of this law and how it works, you can start to use it to deliberately attract what you want into your life.

Here is how it works:

1. Get very clear on what you want. Perhaps this is easier said than done; we are usually more aware of all the things we do not want. As soon as we start to think about what we actually want, we start to compromise, bargain and consider all the obstacles. Become ruthless with yourself and think about the positive.

2. Visualize the outcome of your want. See yourself having achieved your want. Act as if and steer every fiber in your body toward it. Creating a collage or picture of your goal that you actually look at is a powerful tool here.

3. Allow It. What does that mean? Well, we often sabotage ourselves when we want something. Cooperating with the universe as it brings in what we want is key. We are late for an important appointment or we go to bed late and are tired for something special. Allowing something positive to happened means being open for new and better things taking place. Be willing to receive while we let go of the old restricted ways of being. Allowing things to happen is like shedding an old skin that no longer works for us. Letting go of old beliefs and painful pasts can be part of it. Sometimes it is a simple as accepting a compliment.

4. Take inspired action. Nothing happens in a vacuum. If you want a new car and you want the universe to bring it to you, you will need to go out and look for it. The universe is not going to drive it up to your curb (unless, of course, it does). You need to go to the car lot and ask to test drive the one you want. Taking action is letting the universe know that you are serious about your want.

5. Make sure your wants are 50% believable. Wants that are 50% or more believable have a better chance of happening than things that are totally unrealistic. If this means you start a special savings account for your new house or car so that you are actively participating in creating what you want, then do it. If you want a Lamborghini but have never renewed your drivers’ license since moving into the city, this might not be the most believable goal at this time.

6. Have high involvement but low or no attachment to the outcome. This is difficult for people to understand but important to get if you want to work this law successfully. Let’s say you want to buy a house and you know what it is supposed to look like. You are allowing it to happen, you are taking inspired action, and you are doing all the steps to work the LOA. While you are working all the steps you are totally bent on getting this specific house. You are so attached that nothing else that might be even better can come in. This not good for the universal laws because sometimes things do not happen for a reason. We want to be flexible and open and let the universe decided what’s best for us. Do the footwork and then let go. Perhaps that house comes with a messy neighbor who will drive you crazy. Sometimes we want things that have a whole lot of things attached to them that we did not want. This gets me to the last point.

7. Ask things to be for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. Only when you ask in that fashion can you be sure that God is watching out for you.

A major factor behind this Universal Law is the energy and vibrations of our thoughts and feelings. Any thought you may have, when combined with emotion, vibrates out from you to the universe and will attract back what you want, be it positive or negative. You do not need to know exactly how things will happen. Some of the details can be left to the universe. Let the universe figure out the method of delivery, when you will receive it, etc. What you have to do is allow it to happen while you are actively pursuing it.

In summary, the LOA simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest, positive or negative. What about all the negativity in the world? I believe that these problems aren’t caused by the LOA itself but rather by the LOA as applied to objective reality. But come back next month when we will continue this topic.

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