Science has discovered a tremendous amount about the role emotions play in our lives. Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life.

~John Gottman, author of Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Breakthrough Muscle Testing AppAs my clients know, and as I’ve discussed in my newsletter before, muscle testing is a tried and true methodology that’s been around for more than 2000 years as a means of self-analysis. To read more about the scientific validation visit here. Through muscle testing, you can start on the road to self-discovery and accessing as well as changing emotional intelligence. Use the Breakthrough Now® app to open your mind to possibilities and take the first steps to a future free of the obstacles that may be holding you back.

The amazing possibility that opens up when one uses muscle testing is improving your emotional intelligence – your understanding of yourself and the ways and reasons you react to stimuli and situations. Say, for example, you have told your family and friends that you are determined to take your entrepreneurial business to the next level. Yet, two years have gone by and you have not done the network or marketing that you intellectually know is required in order to fulfill your stated objective. There is something unknown holding you back. You need to align your conscious projection and expectations of yourself with that unconscious “something” that is preventing you from moving forward. You need “emotional reconditioning.”

The most effective emotional reconditioning happens when our neocortex, the part of our brain that produces academic smartness and analysis, aligns with the emotional (limbic) and survival (reptilian) parts of our brain. Getting the brain in alignment requires tools and technologies that allow us to assess where incongruities exist. Muscle testing is a first critical step in not only detecting these imbalances, but also pinpointing their origins and, ultimately, assisting with figuring out how to neutralize their impact on your future endeavors.

My personal objective as an executive coach and trainer is to help my clients achieve profound change, greater performance and deep levels of personal satisfaction. I am dedicated to helping everyone learn who they are at their center and leading them on a journey to self-awareness and self-acceptance. I love what I do and feel an unequalled amount of satisfaction when I work with my clients. For me, it is an honor. Unfortunately for me, I can’t work with everyone, though I wish I could. Call me crazy but I believe NEC® can make a difference for many people in many different situations. That is why I have developed the app – it is my way of providing you the tools necessary for you to help yourself and others and gain from the experience.

To learn more about the app, please take the time to read about it here. Order it for yourself today. I know you will not be disappointed.

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