By Barbara Schwarck, PCC, MPIA

How many of you can honestly say that you are always 100% successful when you are tackling a goal? Well, if the answer to my question is “yes”, wow, my hat is off to you. I know there are a few people out there that are always successful when they are embarking on a goal but, for the rest of us, we know that we are not always successful with accomplishing goals or even keeping our commitments. For some of us it is easier to deal with goals that benefit other people but guess what, completing things, keeping your word or fulfilling your commitment has become something that is extremely challenging to people.

There are some areas in your life where accomplishing a goal seems no big deal. Let’s take a look at the basic things you do every day; i.e., brushing your teeth, eating, getting dressed, etc. But then there are a bunch of other things that are much harder to do, i.e. exercising, going to bed early, completing a project, etc. Your list of “easy” or “difficult” items may differ from mine, but I don’t need to tell you where you have not been successful in your life. You know it and despite your attempts, the self help books and knowing what to do, you have not made a difference.

I recently completed a study with nine sales professionals who wanted to change so that they could produce more and essentially make more money. All nice people, they understood that if they wanted to make more money they needed to do less of what did not work and more of what did work as well as do some new things. After taking them all through an inventory process, surveys and questionnaires it became obvious that all of them were challenged with four things: fear of rejection, inability to direct and manage themselves, poor time management and a deeply rooted overall lack of confidence or, in some cases, sense of deserving to be successful. (I will be writing about those specific topics in upcoming issues).

For all participants, their income was directly related to their ability to be aligned with or wired for success (success being identified by each individual). Using Neuro Emotional Coaching™ (NEC), I could easily identify peoples’ negative emotional triggers as well as other conscious and not-so-conscious emotional misalignments with their goals and, regardless of their current income level, it was always that basic fear that kept them from making more money. The fear of selling $10,000 piece of business was just as great as selling $1,000.000 equipment. Everything else became secondary and all distractions, poor time management and lack of willingness or ability to sell can be counted as avoiding the fear of being rejected and/or failure. In other words, they were not wired for success.

There is nothing new about sales professionals struggling with rejection and overcoming objections. Many courses have been taught about it and some have been very successful. People learn new techniques, are able to apply them and “voila” they make more money. But for many people it is not that simple; if knowing what to do would make a difference for them, they would actually make more money and guess what, there would not be any obesity, less people would die from lung cancer or heart disease and perhaps we would get along with our neighbors. If knowing does not make a strong enough difference, what does?

NEC’s approach to success is based on the research of such notable scientists as Pert, Pavlov, and Freud. This research indicates that the key to improving one’s performance is getting all parts of the brain aligned. Success is not only a function of the conscious mind, but many biochemical processes that are deeply imbedded in our body and consciousness and that are repetitive in nature, aka hard wired. Let me give you an example.

Susan was already a successful sales person when she came to me but she was aware of her inability to prospect with people who were of high stature. She was well connected in her town and had many opportunities but, rather than using these opportunities, she shied away from them. Using NEC we detected that Susan was not okay with the general statement of being successful (for her, successful meant making $250,000 or more a year in commission). She was making $230,000 at the time and although one can look at that as being successful, she did not. Further exploration revealed that she was ashamed to ask for help. Unconsciously she had decided that it was shameful for her to ask people of stature for assistance or help and rather than feel ashamed all the time, she did nothing. We discovered that Susan had created a negative repetitive emotional pattern around asking for help at age 7 when she asked her grandmother to help her when she wanted to learn how to swim. Her grandmother, not intending anything bad, had refused to teach her one day and told her to do it herself. “You are old enough, stop asking for help” her grandmother said. Now at age 42, Susan’s emotional response (which is based on biochemical processes) to asking for assistance was stuck with her grandmother at age 7. Every time the opportunity to ask for assistance came up, her body would automatically run the emotional pattern from age 7. Guiding her back to the time and assisting her to release this pattern through a series of NEC exercises assisted her to let go and create a new platform internally so that she can now give herself permission to ask for help or prospect with a group of people that seemed previously unattainable.

What happened? Well, the short version is that I took Susan’s different parts of the brain and wired them for success using NEC. The long answer to the question is that Susan had an opportunity to discover what was being generated by her limbic and or reptilian (sub and unconscious) parts of the brain, and then change the biochemical process so that a different set of emotions or no emotions were being produced. How does it happen? I invite you to watch my video to see for yourself.

So what can you do to rewire yourself to be successful? There are a bunch of things that are available to you. First and foremost, recognize that you are not. If you have been trying to do something for a while and have not been successful, be honest with yourself; tell yourself that perhaps you are not wired for success. Perhaps something from the past is triggering you negatively and has you staying stagnant or sabotaging yourself. Second, find out if you even want what you are attempting to do. Do you believe in it? Do you want it and why? Ask yourself a bunch of questions and see where that leads you. Last but not least, take a moment to dive into your inner self. What are your beliefs around this goal? Do you believe that you can do it? If not, be sure that you take some time to reframe your belief and commit to the new version. If you consciously already do not believe in it, than how can you be successful? You are cooking on the slow burner.

If you are impatient like me, call me and see what happens after some Neuro Emotional Coaching™. In the recent study with 9 sales professionals, 27% of all participants reported that they were able to manage and direct themselves more; 24% were clearer with their communication and 95% of them were more comfortable with their ability to sell. And, of course, 8 out of the 9 reported an increased income within their next sales cycle. What about you? Why go and attend lengthy trainings that can’t wire you for success?

Don’t let your past define your future. Break free and live BOLDLY in your life and business with my free workbook. ➡️