By Barbara Schwarck, PCC, MPIA

How many of you can honestly say that you are 100% successful when accomplishing a goal? My hat is up to you. I know there are a few people out there. The rest of us know that we are successful with accomplishing goals in some area but not so successful in other areas. You might think that is it is harder for people to accomplish goals that deal with our own well being but you are wrong, not accomplishing goals is common in all areas of our lives.

I recently completed a study with nine financial planners. I wanted to see if after three months of Neuro Emotional Coaching ™ people would be able to complete more of their goals and essential make more money. I am happy to report that the study was successful but an interesting by-product was to observe the relationship between success and a person’s ability to manage him or herself. (If a person was able to mange him or herself well, he or she was able to set clearer goals and follow through and their implementation). Much of the study showed that most financial planners struggled with the same basic elements of selling, i.e., fear of rejection, avoiding distractions aka fear of failure and overcoming objections aka fear of rejection and fear of failure. Regardless of their current income level it was always that basic fear that kept them from making more money. The fear of selling $10,000 life insurance policy was just a great as selling $1,000.000 policy. Everything else become secondary and all distractions, poor time managmenet and lack of willingness or ability to sell can be counted as avoiding the fear of being rejected and/or failure.

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