What’s Our Vision and Where Are We Headed? Finding and Manifesting a New Direction for Your Department, Your Staff, and Yourself

Course Topic Areas:

Mentoring/Coaching, Motivation/Empowerment, and Leadership

Are you tired of putting out fires?  You say you want to make positive changes in your business, but you're not sure how to go about it.   You're not alone!  For many people, creating a vision for a successful company is difficult and often accompanied by self-doubt, conflicting emotions, and confusion.

This seminar gives participants a foundation for creating a vision and staying focused.  Through several processes, both active and introspective, participants experience the power of vision and what it would be like to steer their businesses with a clear sense of purpose.

In this presentation, participants will learn to:

  • access your emotional intelligence
  • remove obstacles holding you back
  • gain practical knowledge you can apply immediately to create the success you want and deserve
  • Testimonials

    "What I like about Clear Intentions’ seminars is that I can apply the tactics immediately, and get immediate results. Each of the seminars I've taken, goal setting, strategic planning, and time management, have proven to be a great investment."

    Kelli Burns, Owner, KB DJ Entertainment

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    Your source for inspiration, growth, and learning.

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