Take Charge of Your Life

Course Topic Areas:

Executive Leadership, Management, Communication

Many of us go through periods when we seem to be stuck.  We experience the same old stuff, nothing is really changing and the circumstances of our external world have us backed into a corner.  No matter how hard we try to convey what is going on or what we want, nothing seems to change. While we are still able to breathe, much of our body seems immobilized or unable to loosen the grip of the holding pattern.  Sound familiar?  Just think of the last time you were stuck in traffic, had a financial challenge, experienced difficulty with your boss or children, or felt depressed about your life.  When our internal resources can no longer cope with the external challenges, many of us become paralyzed in some way.  We are afraid to make choices and rather than make the wrong one, we remain constant. We lose control and start to blame other people for our failures and mistakes.

In this keynote, Barbara takes an in-depth look at what it takes for people to be in charge of their own life, personally as well as professionally.  Using anecdotes from her own life, Barbara will illustrate that it is just as easy to get “back on the horse” as it is to fall off. Participants will learn the following essential skills:

In this presentation, participants will learn to:

  • empower yourself by dealing with your Gremlin (a term used to describe one’s own negative self- talk)
  • become an effective communicator who can deal with difficult people, including yourself
  • Understand the secret to creating a successful and fulfilling career
  • get and stay in action.



After one session with Barbara, I realized how much faster I would achieve my goals if I enlisted her as my coach. We targeted a specific block in me, and then Barbara used a combination of NET and coaching. Within days, I had evidence that the block no longer existed. Every area of my life is improved as a result of working with Barbara.

Jonna L. Martin, President, Advance Me, Rochester, NY

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