Are You Wired for Success? 3 Steps to Make Sure that You Are

Course Topic Areas:

Motivation/Empowerment, Executive Leadership, Mentoring/Coaching

What kind of success would you like to experience?  What kind of relationships would you like to have?  How much money will you make?  What kind of goods and services will you sell?

Whether or not you are self-employed, you have much in common with the farmer.  To harvest your crop at the end of the year, you need to seed, weed and feed it regularly.  For people who want to accomplish big things, planning and goal-setting have gone extinct like the Pterodactyl.  Many overestimate their capacity to "wing it".   This seminar will lead you to yield your best crop ever by establishing a vision, aligning yourself with your vision and determining exactly what goals you will accomplish in the coming year.

This program is all about you being successful at work and at home.  What is the secret to success?  To be successful, three things are required:  1. having a vision or goal; 2. being biochemically aligned with one’s goals, and 3. creating a clear plan for action.  Biochemically aligned with their goals?  I am glad you asked.  Clear Intentions International’s approach to success is based on the research of such notable scientists as Pert, Pavlov, Freud, Goleman and Goodhart. This research indicates that the key to improving one’s performance is getting all parts of the brain aligned.  Success is not only a function of the conscious mind, but many biochemical processes that are deeply imbedded in our body and consciousness.   The most powerful component in attaining and sustaining success and change is being congruent or aligned with your goals.  Without goal congruency, success is merely a function of luck.

In this presentation, participants will learn to:

  • identify one’s current vision and or goal(s)
  • align vision and or goal(s) with one’s values, vision and mission
  • plan for the future by setting goals and breaking them down into tangible steps
  • experience a unique approach to goal completion called Neuro Emotional Coaching ™, that will leave them empowered and poised to change.

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