How to Get Along with Difficult People (Including Yourself)

Course Topic Areas:

Mentoring/Coaching, Motivation/Empowerment, Leadership

Everyone encounters difficult people, but not everyone understands how to deal with them. Whether at work or at home, you've likely had the experience of someone who seemed intent upon making you miserable. The benefits to an organization of dealing effectively with difficult people range from greater employee retention to greater productivity. Moreover, effective employee interactions result in reduced lawsuits.

Find out just how easy it can be to get along with difficult people. What better skill can you have in an increasingly fast-paced, stressful world? This workshop will give you nine tips on how to deal with difficult people (including you).

In this presentation, participants will learn to:

  • be more objective
  • not take things personally
  • communicate clearly with specific goals and objectives
  • find out what is really going on with themselves
  • take responsibility for one's own actions
  • get appropriate support


Barbara Schwarck is a particularly competent speaker who knows how to motivate others to action. Whether speaking to individuals struggling with daily life issues, business persons battling conflicts at work, individuals with disabilities, start-up entrepreneurs, or other professional coaches, Barbara has the ability to provide customized, constructive presentations that make a difference.

Ruby S. Wilkosz, Regional Director

Working Order, a program of Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania

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