Imagine what your life could look like if you lead with clear intentions rooted in positive beliefs.

I believe that change is possible at any stage of your life – even when you are feeling totally stuck with nowhere to turn. As your partner and coach, I will help you understand not only what you are experiencing and the why, but also coach you to create new positive beliefs that are embraced and supported by all parts of you. Together we will remove any internal obstacles and blind spots you are experiencing – no matter how hidden – that are getting in the way of your goals, dreams and of course you taking action.

Invest in yourself today as your first step towards making a huge shift in your life. It has a ripple effect and will impact many people and areas in your life for years to come. 

All of my initial coaching packages span over a three-month period (12 sessions). To ensure maximum growth and breakthroughs we need consistency and continuous movement. Imagine a runner practicing for a marathon only once. Impossible. Plus it will leave him or her sore and frustrated. And, just like in sport coaching, ongoing support is vital to my coaching process. In addition to the weekly scheduled sessions you will receive:

  • Just in time coaching: you can call, email or text when needed and I will answer when I can
  • Access to the client area on my website for additional worksheets, exercises and blogs
  • Be part of the Clear Intentions International network

Coaching Packages 


Weekly scheduled 45-minute sessions

This package is ideal for individuals who are ready to make real change in their lives. For people who know there is something blocking them from achieving what they want in life and can’t figure out how to move beyond it.



Weekly scheduled 60-minute sessions

This package is for the entrepreneur who is looking to break through to the next level of their business. If you are feeling stuck and are not sure how to get past your current plateau, this is for you.



90-minute sessions

For larger entities. We will tear everything apart and put it back together in a way that is aligned with you and your team.

I will come and observe if appropriate or sit in a meeting, interview stakeholders, and review documents until we walk away with a company aligned through and through.

Don’t let your past define your future. Break free and live BOLDLY in your life and business with my free workbook. ➡️