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I’m Dr. Barbara Schwarck, Founder of Clear Intentions International and the founder of the Neuro Emotional Coaching® technique. For the past 25 years I have traveled the globe teaching executives, teams, and entrepreneurs. I am very excited to now be offering online classes to people all around the world.


I will teach you how to become aligned, clear, and focused, so that you can finally achieve the dreams and goals that have always been just out of reach.


Each group will meet for 90 minutes each week, over the course of 12 weeks (three months.) These coaching groups will also include guided lessons that will teach and empower you to continue the work well beyond our three-months together.
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This Coaching Program Is Right For You If:

Many months of shelter-in-place has you ready to take on love, relationships, wealth and health.
You are clear about what you need to gain and are ready for laser-sharp focus and a clear cut action plan.
You are ready to transform your roadblocks into stepping stones for success, finally achieving your goals.
You have tried to move forward on your own, worked with a coach and were not successful before.
Your life experience feels “ok” but there is a sense of something missing and you can’t even put your finger on it.
You know that there is more out there for you but are not sure how to make it happen.

Each Group has Limited Spaces, So Save Your Spot Today!

Do you want more from life but don’t know how to get started?

Do you feel just ‘OK,’ but never really happy in your personal life or your career?

Do you struggle in maintaining your relationships, a healthy attitude, or even your job?

It’s time to feel amazing, empowered, directed and powerful again!

What’s Next? Coaching Program Includes:

  • Ten (10) confidential online group coaching sessions facilitated by me, certified executive & life coach, Dr. Barbara Schwarck, PCC.
  • Two (2) private one-on-one coaching sessions with me, Dr. Barbara Schwarck. Comprehensive materials including worksheets, homework and videos that will assist you in continuing the work long after the end of the What’s Next? Program.
  • Access to the private selection of Clear Intentions website content with additional handouts and material.
  • Inclusion in the private What’s Next?Success! FB group, an exclusive forum for additional tips and continued discussion with each other as a supportive community beyond the program.

All sessions will be conducted on the Zoom platform.

Scheduled times are dependant on the time zones of the participants and are subject to change once the next group starts.

Take the first step to real and lasting change in your life.

Program Outline

Module 1: Define Yourself

Who are you and who are you not? Discover your strengths and weaknesses learn how to accept and appreciate them. Identify your values and prioritise them. Experience a unique process of inner alignment called Neuro Emotional Coaching ®.

Module 2: Clarify Your Visions and Intentions

Where are you going, and what are your intentions? Define a clear set of visions and intentions for all of parts of your life. Learn tools to gain confidence to consistently step out of your comfort zone.

Module 3: Identify and Refine Your Goals

What do you really want to achieve, and in what time frame? Learn how to create a realistic master plan for your life that is aligned with your vision and intentions. Learn how to manage your time effectively and create a perfect work-life balance.

Module 4: Succeed Through Action

Be able to stay in action when things get difficult. Learn how to move through the peaks and valleys of any goal plan with effectiveness and efficiency.

Module 5: Soar and Thrive

Feeling OK not happy?

Become a master facilitator of your own life. Improve your EQ and learn how to lead yourself and others with confidence and clarity. Master the steps of manifestation and be able to repeat them. Learn how to muscle test yourself to check for inner alignment.