Join me on an 8-week journey of self-discovery and growth for women 


Where do you want to see yourself?

When we look into the future, many of us simply can’t get past our memories and failures from the past. In this group we will neutralize the impact of your past and use it as a stepping stone to give you CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and POWER so that you can:  




Kick your roadblocks to the curb

Clarify your vision

Create impactful goals

Get what you always wanted

Barbara Schwarck

I’m Dr. Barbara Schwarck, Founder of Clear Intentions International, the founder of the Neuro Emotional Coaching® technique, and am an award-winning dual-certified coach. NEC creates rapid and lasting results by addressing the root cause of my clients’ blocks.

For the past 25 years, I have traveled the globe coaching CEOs, business owners, professionals and people like you to get unstuck, both personally and professionally.


  • I have a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh

  • A Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica

  • A Doctorate in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy

  • And certification from the Coaches Training Institute

  • I have worked with thousands of clients and several hundred companies from all over the world, including  Amazon, BMW, Bombardier, Heinz, OPMG, Metro, Schneider Electric, The Washington Post, and WPP. 


I am very excited to now be offering online coaching to women all around the world. I will teach you how to become aligned, clear, and focused, so that you can finally achieve the dreams and goals that have always been just out of reach whether that’s improved relationships, growing your business, or whatever your heart desires. Each group will meet for 90 minutes each week, over the course of 8 weeks (2 months.) This coaching group will also include guided lessons that will teach and empower you to continue the work well beyond our two months together.

This Coaching Group Right For You If...

If your life experience feels “ok” but there is a sense of something missing even if you don’t know what it is.

If you have tried to move forward on your own, worked with a coach or therapist and were not successful before.

If you are tired of constantly getting triggered and hitting roadblocks.

If you know that there is more out there for you but are not sure how to make it happen.

If you are clear about what you need to gain and are ready for laser-sharp focus and a clear cut action plan.

If you are in a place where you are open to receiving more meaningful relationships, deep levels of success and happiness.

What's Next? Coaching Program Includes:

  • Eight (8) confidential online group coaching sessions facilitated by me, certified executive & life coach, Dr. Barbara Schwarck, PCC
  • Comprehensive materials including worksheets, homework and videos that will assist you in continuing the work long after the end of the What’s Next? Program. 
  • Access to the private selection of Clear Intentions website content with additional handouts and material. 
  • Inclusion in the private What’s Next?Success! WhatsApp group, an exclusive forum for additional tips and continued discussion with each other as a supportive community beyond the program.

All sessions will be conducted on the Zoom platform.

Scheduled times are dependent on the time zones of the participants and are subject to change once the groups are formed.

Recognize behavioral patterns, strengths and weaknesses and decide which of these are based on beliefs/self-assessment and which are based on facts. Every participant will get connected with an accountability partner who will support you in achieving your goals.

Answer the questions: Who am I? What values ​​are important to me? What beliefs are my values ​​based on?

The Wheel of Life is a tool that represents the ten most important areas of life. It shows you what you value in your life, where you currently stand and where life is out of balance. This will give you clarity about your goals and allow you to see which areas of your life need more of your attention.

Clarify the areas you will be working on moving forward in our time together and state your intentions and goals. 

Learn to recognize the voice of your inner critic and identify what it’s telling you. Is this voice helpful? We can use this voice to our benefit and growth.

Reflection on the inner critic. What’s his new role? Dissolving blockages – recognizing and neutralizing negative beliefs (brain, neuroscience and muscle testing). 

How to deal with emotional and physical setbacks (Mind Dump).

Neuro Emotional Coaching Group Session

In this session we will bring our time together to a close and learn how to bring what we learned into our lives moving forward. 

For A Limited Time Only $545!

The “What’s Next?” Group Coaching Program is regularly $785 but I am offering this incredible program for you at a discount to partner with you in your restart and change your life for the better!

take a step forward

Take the first step to real and lasting change in your life. You deserve it!