Learn more about Neuro Emotional Coaching®, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership, and how they all come together to impact your life and your business.

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Executive coach and Neuro Emotional Coaching® Specialist, Barbara Schwarck, teamed up with six-time entrepreneur and author, William Weil (author of New Earth Relationships), to craft a program designed to support women who want to start their own businesses. Blending Eastern and Western traditions, the book delivers a 10-day program, one step per day, that helps women identify, then manifest, their vocational dreams.


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Is this app for me?

Barbara created an app that simplifies her unique NEC process. This app can help people perform muscle testing on themselves when in need. You can use the app to muscle test yourself or others, and it can help you locate your mental “blocks.” The app even includes exclusive tips from Barbara about how to align your intentions. If being used correctly, this can be a powerful app.

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